As the founder and owner of Pegasis, I see style as an art, a science and an absolute necessity!

My approach is all about building confidence – it’s not about fashion, or fitting into any current trend, it’s about finding out what suits you, what fits your shape, coloring, personality, lifestyle and your budget – and helping you to feel great all time and in any given situation.

I received my training from the Image specialist Judith Rasband (CEO and Director of Conselle Institute of Image Management) who is amongst the First Image Specialists in the world.

Passion for helping others is the driving force behind building this company “Pegasis”. Also I love the expression on my clients’ faces when I’m done working with them and they realize how great they look and feel post the session. Most people just need a little guidance and advice. That’s the best part of what I do.”

As a consultant, instructor and public speaker, I am frequently asked to work with companies to inspire and redefine their business branding while aligning their team’s image. Flawless fashion sense and Strong Inclination to help people achieve greater things in their personal as well as professional lives comes naturally to Me.

To continue expanding my knowledge of fashion, beauty and style, I travel, observe street style, read style publications and enjoy meeting new people and seeking out their unique perspective.

I currently reside in Mumbai, India and serves clients all over Mumbai, focusing on targeting/ exploring all metro cities in India.

– Pegasis By Neha D Gupta